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Winzelle International College, founded on January 8, 2015 in Zamboanga City, the Winzelle International College is a non-stock and non-profit technology institution established with the main purpose of providing quality basic, technical education and training and higher education based on local, national and international demands.

Our course are developed and tailored fit in accordance with the requirements of business, industry and the global community. We educate competence-based programs and recognize prior learning and industry experience.

We adapt the dualized approached in delivery of our educational and training programs. We also extend assistance to our students for their on-the-job-training as well as job placement referrals upon their graduation.

For the moment, we are offering modular courses and two year technical non-degree programs designed for students who wish to work in the areas of Hotel and Restaurant Management as well as Information Technology. In the fut


Winzelle International College as the leading Institution approaches to studying issues of our time such as technological change, economic empowerment and globalization. We will be the intellectual and creative center for effective communication systems, demands better designed objects and organization to meet social needs.


Winzelle International College is to provide excellence in education, prepares students to understand, contribute and succeed in the rapidly changing society. We will ensure that our students will develop both skills and knowledge and the competencies essential for success and leadership. To better understand our world and improve for local and global communities.


Offers student a variety of elective courses to provide career-oriented concentrations within the information studies and knowledge management. Cultivate and sustain an integrated multidisciplinary environment that facilitates excellence in creative activity, teaching service and community engagement.

1. Educate and prepare students to effectively meet the needs of the society.
2. Prepare student to be more effective and to be globally competitive.
3. Improve student communication skills for effective leadership.
4. Promote professional development through student involvement in school planning and governance.
5. Provide student advising that promotes informed program choice.
6. Model the practical and productive use of information technology in instruction.

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